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How to Keep Your Backyard and Your Pets Safe

There are many reasons why you might want to pet-proof your backyard. Perhaps you have a dog who loves to explore and play in the yard, or maybe you just moved into an area with coyotes lurking nearby. Regardless of the reason, there are plenty of ways that you can make your backyard safe. In this article, you’ll learn seven things that will help ensure that your furry friend has a happy, healthy life outside while still enjoying time in nature’s beautiful environment.

1. Install High Fences

High fences can be a great way to keep your pet in and predators out. Just make sure that the fence is high enough to keep all animals at bay, including coyotes or any other local creatures. You’ll also want to make sure you don’t have too many trees nearby because dogs love climbing trees and cats love napping in them.

In addition to that, high fences also keep your pet from jumping the fence and getting into the neighbor’s yard. You won’t have to worry about your dog turning your neighbor’s yard into its bathroom.

2. Use a Barrier Spray

There are several types of barrier sprays you can use to pet-proof your backyard. For example, suppose you have a pool. In that case, one popular spray is Liquid Fence which works by making it uncomfortable for animals to enter your pool area. The spray is non-toxic and works by making the spot undesirable but not dangerous to other animals like cats or dogs.

3. Cover Your Pool

Pool covers and barriers are a great way to keep unwanted guests away from your pool without using harmful chemicals or dangerous equipment. For example, you can get a mesh cover that allows light and air to pass through but keeps your pets from diving in. In addition, mesh covers also work extremely well in keeping leaves and other small objects from falling into the pool. Thay way, you can rest easy knowing that your pool is constantly clean and safe.

4. Don’t Forget About Your Roof

Not enough people think about their roofs when it comes to pet-proofing their backyards. However, you can do a few things to ensure that your roof doesn’t give any unwanted visitors a way into your yard. For example, you can use anti-climb paint, making it extremely difficult for animals and pests to get onto the roof. Also, you can install a fence around your rooftop. This ensures that there is no way in or out of the yard without jumping over the fence.

If you don’t protect your roof, your cats or other pests can damage your roof and gutters, leading to considerable water damage. You’ll then need contractors to check and conduct roof and gutter repairs. If you don’t address this issue when this happens, you’ll have problems with mold. Mold growth in your home can cause serious illness to your family and pets.

5. Place a Shed in Your Yard

Sheds are great pet-proofing tools because you can use the shed for many purposes while keeping your pet safe and sound in the yard. For example, some people place their sheds in their backyards to store their pet’s food there. This way, the pets are out of reach from any pests or other dangers lurking outside. Also, sheds are great for storing toys, leashes, chew toys, and any other objects you might have lying around your house that can pose a danger to your pets.

6. Keep Your Lawn Mowed

lawn mower

Keeping your lawn short and clipped can be beneficial for many reasons when it comes to pet-proofing your backyard. Not only does it keep your yard looking nice, but having a short lawn can also keep your pets from digging around in the dirt. If you have a dog or any other pet that enjoys exploring, keeping your property mowed will keep them from accidentally encountering poisonous animals under the surface.

7. Keep Your Dogs Leashed

Your dog loves to explore and play, so this one might not come as a surprise to you. But it is an excellent way of making sure your pets stay safe outside. Even if your fence is high enough that they can’t climb over it, they can potentially find a spot where they can squeeze under and escape. Once they’re out of the yard, they’ll be able to run into anything and anyone, which can potentially spell disaster.

You can pet-proof your backyard in many ways just by using common sense and a few essential items you probably already have lying around your house. Don’t forget that pet-proofing doesn’t just stop in your backyard. You also have to make sure you pet-proof your home too.

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