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Green Apartment Living: Start Growing Your Own Herbs

Living in an apartment, especially in urban areas, can limit your access to fresh herbs and other vegetables. Having a full garden is almost impossible because of the limited space. If you enjoy cooking meals using fresh ingredients, growing herbs in your apartment can be your new joyful hobby.

Always Have Access to Fresh Herbs

You can get fresh herbs at supermarkets, but growing your own can be beneficial. It allows you to get basil for your pasta, dill for your fish, or rosemary for your chicken anytime you need them. You don’t have to drive all the way to the market to grab herbs for that maginficent dish you’re making.

With multiple herbs at home, you can improve your meals. You and family can enjoy more flavorful dishes by adding extra herbs without spending extra money. Fresh herbs can boost your meal’s vitamin value, too.

Here are helpful tips to help you get started on growing a wonderful herb garden.

Keeping Your Plants Alive in Your Apartment

Herbs in a pot

Growing plants in your urban apartment can be easy with the right plan and planters. You can, for example, use a few trough planters for your garden to keep your herbs. These planters typically feature an insulated core, which can protect the roots from changing temperatures. You can also use the planters to create a privacy barrier for your terrace or rooftop garden.

When growing herbs, it’s essential to assess the humidity levels in your place. The humidity levels may affect the health of your plants. That’s why it’s important to choose the right plants that fit your apartment.

Light is another essential factor to grow healthy herbs. Place your plants in an area where they get enough natural light. Some plants require direct sunlight while others only need partial sunlight. There are also plants that can grow in shaded areas while some will need the help of fertilizers to thrive.

Most herbs need access to sunlight. You must also plant them in a planter with a built-in drainage. If you don’t have one, use a saucer to catch the excess water and avoid damaging your countertop.

Choose from Varieties of Herbs

There are different herbs you can grow in your apartment. These herbs include:

  • Basil – it requires plenty of sunlight and warmth. You can place it in a south-facing window for it to thrive.
  • Bay – you should not overcrowd this herb because it needs air circulation to stay healthy. Placing it in an east- or west-facing window is ideal for this herb.
  • Oregano – plant a tip of an outside oregano plant in a pot to grow this herb. You should place it in a south-facing window.
  • Parsley – you can place it in an area where it gets full sun. It grows slowly in an east – or west-facing window.
  • Rosemary – start by keeping a cutting of rosemary in a moist soilless mix until it grows roots. A south-facing window is an ideal place for rosemary. It can also provide a fresh scent to your kitchen throughout the cool season.

Despite the limited gardening resources you may have in your apartment, you can still enjoy the flavors of fresh herbs. You just need to get a few key planters, place them strategically around your apartment, and look after the herbs.

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