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It’s Time to Join the Thriving Organic Food Sector

As the world population becomes health-conscious, people gravitate towards healthy eating habits. As a supplier in the organic food sector, you’re assured of a ready market that is ready to pay top dollars for your products.

As the demand for nutritious and clean food rises, now is the time to get into the organic food business. As people wise up to the benefits of moving away from calories laden foods to healthier options, the organic foods market is snowballing.

Healthy eating translates into healthy life free of crippling illnesses and medical bills. Organic food are a top choice for many health-conscious individuals as they are free of harmful chemicals and pesticides.

A Growing Market

The organic market in New Zealand is on an upward swing, and there’s enough data to support this observation. The sectors grew 30 per cent from 2015 to peak at $600 million in annual revenue. The growth in domestic consumption was accompanied by a 42 per cent increase in organic exports.

That means as a natural food producer, the world is your oyster. You have a ready local market, and if you’re up to it, there’s the international market to concur. With the right technology, you can increase your production capacity to match the growing demand. Greenhouse technology from companies such as Edenlite insulates your operations from the vagaries of weather to let you grow crops all year round regardless of the season. It can give you an edge over the competition who might be using the traditional field-planting approach.

A Multi-billion Sector

Fruits and vegetables in a marketAs an organic foods producer, you will be joining a multi-billion industry that is not restricted by geographical boundaries. In 2017, the global organic market was valued at $124 billion, with insiders positing that it would hit the $320 billion mark by 2024. Best of all, the target market doesn’t blanch at the price tags.

Typically, organically grown foods are a tad pricier than the conventional ones, but customers are only too glad to pay the difference for premium foods and beverages. The asking price for organically grown food can be as high as 20 per cent, and health enthusiasts won’t lose a beat when paying up. With such an enthusiastic market to tap into your business, your financial fortune will take a turn for the better.

Science-backed Advantages

As cancer becomes a leading cause of death in the world, governments are making an effort to educate the populace of its dangers. The New Zealand public sector spends about $800 million annually on treating cancer. As a cancer patient, you’re likely to spend up to $30,000 trying to combat the disease.

Recent studies indicate that piling your plate high with fresh vegetables and fruits lowers the risk of suffering from cancers. In light of such revelations, the world population is taking to organic food. As a supplier to this market, that will spell nothing but a bright future for your business.

Organic dishes are becoming popular in the world as recent studies indicate that there’s a direct correlation between healthy eating and a lowered risk of contracting cancer. These developments have translated into a spiking demand for healthy food, making the organic food sector quite lucrative. With the right equipment and technology, you can join the bandwagon and grow a thriving organic farming business.

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