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Keeping Pests Out: Proper Use of Pesticides and Biological Alternatives

Household pests find their way into homes despite numerous efforts at keeping them out. It has become evident from biological research that getting rid of pests completely is quite improbable. Of course, we still have to try and make our homes safe and hygienic. You can ask for reliable advice from an exterminator operating in Salt Lake City, and you can read a brief guide on best practices for do-it-yourself pest control.

Choosing and using pesticides

You probably have at least two types of pesticides in a storage cabinet. Spraying the contents of a commercially available insecticide seems to be wired as a reflex among humans. After all, it doesn’t make sense to just stand by and watch while organisms eat up furniture and destroy crops. Yet, you must consider a few known things about pesticide use, and in the process, rethink whether the approach really helps your cause against household pests.

First, before purchasing a pesticide, identify the insect or animal that is causing all your problems. No matter how much chemicals you spray, if you are using a termiticide when the culprit is a colony of rats, it is unreasonable to expect a positive result. If you have no idea what is causing damage to your property, it might be a good time to consult with a licensed pest control company. Instead of rushing into it, consider whether the pesticide you propose to use is appropriate. Similarly, do not store pesticide at home; instead, consider buying only what you need.

Another important aspect of pesticide use is safety. Even when a pesticide is effective, you cannot just spray it whenever an insect appears or crawls out of its hiding place. Never remove the product from its original container, and keep it always sealed firmly. In addition, always keep the containers out of reach of children and small pests. When using the product, use the prescribed protective clothing and wash your hands with soap thoroughly afterwards.

Consider biological control

pest control

In pest control, the use of synthetic chemicals is only one of the accepted methods. Suffice to say that it is the most popular approach, you must consider other alternatives. A biological approach is becoming increasingly widespread. The gist is to use the natural enemies of the pest insect to control their population. If there is a natural predator, then their numbers will be under control. Moreover, if there are natural methods that can keep them from breeding, there will come a time when you don’t have to bother them anymore.

If you are planning to introduce a giant toad in your garden to control the population of mosquitoes or flies in the yard, think again. You cannot add anything to the local ecosystem just because you read somewhere that it might help your cause. Let a company with biological pest control certification determine the best course of action.

The goal of extermination is to completely kill off a pest animal. This may not be possible given certain circumstances, but pest control is achievable when performed correctly and responsibly.

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