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Creating the Perfect Focal Point: Living Room Edition

One of the most fundamental elements professional interior designers take into account in each of their projects is the focal point is one of the most fundamental elements in interior design. In simple terms, this is the star — the thing that stands out the most when a person walks into a room.

Your living space will feel a lot warmer and relaxing if you’re able to arrange your furniture pieces and accessories properly around your chosen focal point. It could either be an architectural feature or a unique photograph on your wall, a huge mirror, or a statement piece of furniture.

As an important element of your overall interior design, it’s important to make sure that you’ve made the right pick for your living room’s focal point. Here, we’ve provided a simple list of all potential focal points you can choose from. Mastering this step can certainly make a big difference in your living space.

Windows and Sprawling Outdoor Views

If you have an eye-catching view of the outdoors from your windows, make full use of it and turn it into your focal point. No matter what sort of items you have inside your living room, your eyes will immediately travel to those outdoor views.

If you’re lucky enough to already have these and want to showcase them in your indoor space, make sure your windows are big enough. If not, you can go to garden centers, nurseries, and other landscape experts in Minnesota to help you create the perfect view from the outside.


Fireplaces, when placed right, can really give a living room that timeless appeal. If yours lacks luster, you can add some interest without spending too much by making use of reclaimed architecture, tile or molding.

Carefully arrange a seating area around your fireplace and place an interesting piece of artwork above the mantle for added drama. If you don’t have one at the moment, go to a nearby fireplace store and see how you can get one installed.


living room interior

A stunning piece of artwork or even a mirror with an interesting shape can make a room look more pulled together. For this to work, make sure you choose the right size that won’t look too big or too small on your wall. The height should be at eye-level, and to fully maximize the effect, add an accent lighting for more emphasis.

Built-in shelving

Bookshelves are very affordable and can work as interesting pieces where you can display your valuables for added interest in your living room. In most cases, built-in shelving and fireplaces always go together. If you choose your shelving to be your focal point, purposely create a seating area that’s visually appealing, just as you would with a fireplace.

Statement furniture

A large piece of furniture that immediately draws your eyes in can serve as a good focal point. While this is more common in rooms that have an obvious central piece, such as the bedroom or dining room, this trick can also work for your living room. Your long sofa or a table centerpiece can be that piece that draws the eye.

Some spaces have more than a single focal point, so don’t hesitate to explore all your options to see which one works best for your home.

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