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What Are the Benefits of Gardening

Gardening is not just a hobby that you do in your spare time. It offers more than a form of relaxation. It provides great health benefits to both young and old, and the environment as well. Here are some benefits of gardening:

It helps reduce stress

If you’re stressed, your blood pressure is at risk. Gardening is one activity that can effectively reduce stress. According to a Dutch study, gardening for 30 minutes lowers a person’s cortisol level. Cortisol is the hormone responsible for stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, and stroke. Thus, if you’re feeling stressed out, tired, and irritable because of pressure, get your hands dirty with your shovel and release your anxieties.

It promotes mental alertness

Gardening does not only require manual work. Along with working with your hands, your brain functions as well. You research on the kind of plants that you can possibly grow considering the type of soil and climate in your place. You plan your garden’s layout. You gather information on different gardening techniques. All these require critical thinking and analysis.

It provides us with nutritious harvest

Having your own garden allows you to raise crops using organic fertilizers and natural pesticides. You harvest your crops at the right time so that you can be sure that what you consume is fresh and organic. Furthermore, you save on cash. You need not go to the market because your garden provides you with your daily needs. In addition, growing and harvesting crops from your own garden encourages you to eat and stay healthy. For your plant supplies, there are trusted service providers in Salt Lake City who can help you. Feel free to drop by these shops for assistance.

It makes the family closer and healthier

Child helping her mother in the gardenGardening can be a family activity where kids and adults can share in tending the family garden. Digging the soil and pulling the weeds increase hand strength of kids and senior parents. Exposing your kids to dirt can help ward off allergies and reduce autoimmune diseases. The elders can enjoy undisturbed sleep at night after doing light activities in the garden.

It helps improve mental health

Several studies showed that gardening has positive benefits for dementia patients. These include better sleep pattern, happy disposition, and improved performance. As for kids, studies revealed that students who do gardening in school scored significantly higher on science achievement tests.

It is a form of exercise

Tending your garden can help burn calories and strengthen your heart. Consequently, the risk of heart attack or stroke decreases.

It helps improve self-esteem

Seeing your plants grow and having a regular supply of fresh fruits and vegetables on your table make you feel good about yourself. Raising a garden and harvesting your crops are an accomplishment, something that you can be proud of.

It fosters good relationship

Community gardens help establish a healthy relationship among members of the community. By exchanging garden tips and techniques, people in the neighborhood develop connection and concern to one another. Aside from gardening, their interaction can lead to other activities such as beautification, cleanliness drive, or health programs, which are beneficial to the entire community.

There’s no doubt that gardening offers health benefits to everyone, young and old alike. Nature lovers and health buffs like you will surely enjoy this fun-bonding activity with your family and friends.

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