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Can’t Bring Your Pet to Your Trip? Where You Can Leave Your Furry Loved One

Going on a holiday is always a source of worry for fur-parents. They always struggle with going or not going at all. Sometimes, however, the former wins. When it does, fur-parents have three main options: bring pets along, leave them somewhere nice, or have someone look after them.

Unfortunately, it’s often the last two that are possible. This leads to pet owners scrambling to find a long-term sitter for their furry loved ones. If this is your dilemma right now, this article can help.

There are several options that offer solutions to your problem. You can narrow down your choices though, based on the length of your absence, trust in your friends or family, and your spending capacity. The right pet care option will result in your pet’s happiness and good health, and peace of mind.

Required Preparations

Before you go on your vacation though, you have to think about the chores and repairs you have to do at home. Ask a seamless gutter repair service provider to check your roof and gutters. Call your local plumber to ensure your HVAC will work while you’re gone. Have everything readied and plan ahead.

In the same way, make sure that whoever is taking care of your pet while you’re away has all the supplies they need. You should thus, prepare some stuff for your pet including the basics such as food, treats, toys, bedding, crate or carrier, collar, and leash.

You should also provide instructions about feeding, exercises or walks, and bath time. Give details about your pet’s daily routine, too. If your pet has a medical condition, leave supplies of its medications and instructions about when and how to administer them.

Most importantly, leave your veterinarian’s contact details, along with yours.

Knowing all of this, here are your pet care options.

Leave them at a Pet Care Service Provider

Professional pet service providers such as a pet hotel, pet boarding facilities, or kennel are knowledgeable in their field of work. They have experience in taking care of pets. They’re also equipped with proper facilities that will enable them to better take care of your pet. Staff are always at the ready to look
after your fur-baby.

Here are some tips provided by the American Kennel Club on what to check when you’re looking for the right pet care service provider.

Make sure that a facility has updated licenses and permits. Ask if they have insurance cover if your pet is sent to an emergency room. Inquire about their requirement, too.

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Will they require proof that your pet has completed all its shots and is updated? Will they accept your pet if it has a medical condition? The right facility will also ask about the health and diet of your pet. Ask the provider if they’ll exercise your pet or designate staff to give your pet social interaction.

Make sure to visit a provider’s facility, so you can see if it’s clean, secure, and has adequate space. Check out if they have a system in place on how they will monitor pets in their care. Ask how many staff members they have to make sure they are understaffed, which can lead to neglect. Look at the pets they currently board to see if they’re healthy, clean, and happy.

Avoid pet care providers who don’t want to answer your inquiries. They should be open to their customers’ questions.

Hire an In-home Pet Sitter

There are two kinds of in-home pet sitters. They either provide their services in your home or in their home.

Professional sitters who offer their house for pet-sitting accept pet boarding as well. This is a better option than leaving your pet at a commercial pet care facility. Your pet will be much comfortable in a home setting.

Other professional sitters, on the other hand, will go to your house to look after your pet, feed it at most twice per day, and provide it with other care it needs.

Professional pet sitters get their certification from Pet Sitters International, a leading organization in pet sitter education. This means you don’t have to worry about your pet once it’s under the care of a professional.

Consider the Needs of Your Pet

Of course, you can always leave your fur-baby at a friend’s or family’s house. However, it’s the holiday season and everybody’s busy. Your pet may not get the proper care it needs if it stays with your loved ones. It could be a good option because your pet is already familiar with them, but it’s not always the best

Pets have many, different needs. You should, therefore, leave them in the care of a professional or someone who has experience.

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