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Making Your Yard Pet-friendly: What Can You Do?

Everybody enjoys a good garden or backyard. It’s a great place where the whole family can spend their time. Parents can spend a relaxing afternoon, and children and pets can play around in it. However, like with many things, there are still hazards to be aware of, especially for pets since we can’t tell them not to do this or that. Instead, we need to provide them with a safe place to play around.

Not putting in the effort to create a safe environment can result in a sudden vet visit, something your cats and dogs won’t appreciate. Hazardous chemicals like insecticides and toxic plants, broken fences, and even the wrong type of soil can all lead to disasters (or a general mess that’s hard to clean up).

To help the worried homeowners out there, here are a few tips to make your yard safer for your pets.

Fence Your Yard

Simply letting your cats or dogs play around in a yard without any fences is dangerous. Even if your pets are highly trained, they can still be tempted to run out and leave your property, especially when they see something stimulating, like a stray animal or even kids running outside and playing.

They can also be easily frightened by the loud noises that are common when it comes to outdoors. There’s also the danger of other wild animals entering your property, and we all know how territorial our pets can be. So save yourself of the woes and worries and opt to fence in your yard with a high-quality fence that won’t simply break when a big dog or a heavy cat puts their weight on it.

Keep Your Plants or Garden Well-maintained

Here’s a situation that you never want to encounter: your pet cat climbs a branch and falls, or your dog sees a squirrel and runs up a tree. The former is something many cat owners are familiar with. But the latter might not happen too often unless your dog is very athletic (and many of them are).

Regardless, it’s still a valid concern that needs addressing, so it’s better to maintain your garden well. You also don’t want the risk of your pets running through prickly bushes and wounding themselves. Regularly have the trees trimmed in your property, cut any sharp branches, and make sure there aren’t any plants that can be used as a platform for your pets to jump onto.

Close Your Shed and Garage

We often see internet celebrities bringing their pets to their garage, and one might think it’s perfectly fine, but it should always be placed in context. Are there any hazardous materials in your yard? Pets like to explore their territory, often with their nose and mouths.

Garages are filled with dangerous and toxic things to pets, such as pesticides, paint, oil, and even hazardous equipment like lawnmowers, chainsaws, or even your car. They might also climb surfaces in your garage, causing things to fall. As we all know, power tools and falling don’t exactly mix well together.

Have a Dedicated Play Area

Animals have a natural urge to dig, be it cats or dogs, and you don’t want them digging up your newly planted flower garden. The problem is, fertilizer or manure can be quite the temptation for our furry friends, and they might start digging.

The best way to counteract this is by accepting that they will dig, so give them an area where they can dig to their heart’s content. Place a sandbox in a corner in your yard, or get a toy sandbox from a toy store and fill it with fresh sand. You can bury toys and treats underneath to get your pets to recognize it as a play area.

Avoid Toxic Outdoor Chemicals and Plants

We know to keep toxic chemicals like pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and similar items away from pets, so if you want to make your yard more pet-friendly, it’s a smart idea not to use these chemicals on your plants. Put the due diligence to research which plants can be toxic or dangerous to pets.

Some herbs can pose health risks and benefits. Pet grasses that encourage good digestion are available in most pet stores, so make sure to have one in your yard to discourage your pets from messing with the non-friendly plants.

A pet-friendly yard isn’t particularly difficult to pull off; you need to be aware of what to do. Hopefully, the tips provided here can help you make your yard a pet-friendlier place.

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