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Why Boat Trips on the Great Lakes are Fun

The Great Lakes are among the natural wonders of the world, as they contain almost 20% of the freshwater in the entire world. They are almost like inland seas, and truly, there are so many things to explore.

The Great Lakers are situated at the northernmost part of the United States and extend to Canada. There are also major cities around their edges, such as Toronto, Detroit, and Chicago. There are many tourist attractions and it would be best to explore it by boat, like the pontoon boats that are up for sale in Michigan, Illinois, and Minnesota.

Tourist Attractions

There are many attractions around the lake, such as the fishing ports on the bank. There are even surfing beaches because the lakes already have waves that are strong enough to surf on. There are historic lighthouses and islands to walk around and explore.

A trip down the southern port cities will show a fascinating array of amazing architecture, a hearty food trip and the nostalgic ruins of the Rust Belt.

Pontoon Boating

The states allow you to take pontoon boats in the Great Lakes, as it can give an immersive and adventurous feel to your tour. However, the main concern is safety. Because of the size of the Lakes, specifically Lake Superior and Lake Michigan, they already have strong waves and you could be drifted too far away from the shoreline.

On the plus side, the lakes are freshwater and they do not possess the harshness of saltwater that can damage your pontoon. Even then, you need to follow the safety guidelines. You need to monitor the weather forecast before casting out. In case there are strong winds or thunderstorms on the horizon, you need to be cautious with the distance that you want to explore. If the outlook really looks bleak, it’s best to not go out at all.

No matter what weather conditions that the meteorologists predict, it is always best to stay near the shoreline, or at the very least, be mindful of the distance that you are sailing. The weather is always unpredictable in the water and there is a wide margin of error in the predictions.

Safety gear is never optional, and this includes radio, mobile, and other communication devices in case you get washed adrift.

Following these safety precautions, you can have an enjoyable trip through the Great Lakes aboard your pontoon. But if you prefer a laid back cruise, there are also multiple cruise ship routes that cross states, and even countries (Chicago-Toronto route).

The Ultimate Great Lakes Cruise

man driving a speedboat

You can explore everything that the Great Lakers and its bordering cities have to offer by going on a full cruise that lasts for more than a week. The Great Lakes tour is a ten-day voyage around the lakes and starts in Chicago and ends in Toronto. Along the way, you can tour some historical landmarks like the Ford Museum and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Pass through The Great Niagara Gorge and to the famous Horseshoe Falls.

There are many options available if you want to tour the Great Lakes by boat. You can be adventurous, laid back, or nostalgic. This is the beauty of having a “sea within the mainland”.

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