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Beagle Colors: How Many Colors of Beagles are There?

A Beagle is a small-sized hound dog breed that is a popular family pet. It ranks 6th among the most common dog breed in the United States. Beagles are known for their loyal and good-natured personalities and are often recommended for its easy puppy care and maintenance.

But one of the most exciting things about a Beagle is their wide variety of colors and patterns. Beagles come in several distinct color combinations, making them an exciting and unique breed.

How can you tell if a Beagle is purebred?

The American Kennel Club (AKC) provides certifications on Beagle breeds, so it’s essential to be sure you’re getting a purebred puppy. AKC certifications guarantee that a puppy is the result of two different purebred parents and that they have accurate lineage information.

It’s also essential to look for other tell-tale signs that a Beagle is purebred. The breed standard required is that the Beagle’s coat has distinct markings and colors. These play a significant role in determining whether or not a Beagle is purebred.

Beagle markings

Beagles come in several distinct coat markings. The AKC recognizes six variations, but only one of these is considered to be an authentic coat for the breed. The other five variations are known as “non-standard” coats and are not accepted for AKC registration.

The Ticked pattern is the only accepted coat pattern for purebred Beagles. This type of coat consists of dark spots that blend to create a unique and vibrant appearance. This can be seen in many Beagles, including the blue tick Beagle and the red tick Beagle.

The other five non-standard coat patterns are Spotted, White Markings, Tan Markings, Brown Markings, and Black Markings.

Beagle coat color variation

Beagle coat colors are available in 25 different variations. However, only 11 breed standard colors are recognized by the AKC. That’s because some colors are considered to be too similar for registration.

By focusing on breed standards, you can easily distinguish a purebred Beagle from a mixed breed. This is why the AKC requires that a Beagle’s coat must have specific colors and markings to be considered an authentic breed.

What are the different recognized color variations of the Beagle?

Beagle coat color variations recognized by the AKC include:

  • Black and Tan Beagle
  • Black Red and White Beagle
  • Black Tan and Bluetick Beagle
  • Black Tan and White Beagle
  • Black White and Tan Beagle
  • Brown and White Beagle
  • Brown White and Tan Beagle
  • Lemon and White Beagle
  • Red and White Beagle
  • Tan and White Beagle
  • Blue Tan and White Beagle

What does a tri-colored Beagle mean?

A typical tri-color variation is the classic color combination of black, tan, and white. This is the most common Beagle color combination, and it’s often referred to as a tri-colored Beagle.

However, other variations are also recognized as tri-color. These include the following set of colors:

  • Black Fawn and White
  • Red Black and White
  • White Black and Tan
  • Black Tan and Redtick

Beagle Colors According to Other Organizations

Aside from the AKC, there are other organizations that recognize different Beagle colors. These organizations have a separate consideration of the breed’s standard colors and coat patterns, which allows for more color variations.

National Beagle Club of America (NBCA)

The National Beagle Club of America recognizes a wide variety of colors and combinations that are not recognized by the AKC. According to them, acceptable colors are tan and white, lemon and white, red and white, and chocolate blue.

The Kennel Club (KC)

The Kennel Club also recognizes specific coat color and pattern variations that are not accepted by the AKC. These include black, white, and tan, black and tan, red white, lemon white, and blue tick.

What is the rarest Beagle color?

There are also unusual coat variations found in Beagles. These are still not recognized by any canine organizations but can be seen in some Beagles. The rarest Beagle color are those that are solid coat color. However, these are not accepted as a breed standard because it’s believed that these Beagles have been mixed with other breeds.

Other rare coat variations include the following:

Lemon Beagles

A lemon Beagle is those with a lemon and whiteish base coat. These Beagles are usually tri-colored and have a lemon base color with orange and black markings.

Tan and White Beagles

Also known as hare pied Beagles, these are white and tan colored coats. These Beagles have the same markings and patterns as their black, tan, and white counterparts but with a more muted color.

White Beagles

A pure white beagle with a solid white coat is a rare occurrence and is not accepted by any canine organizations. A pure white Beagle can be a result of a combination of different breedings that have produced a pure white coat.

Blue Beagles

Some Beagles with light blue-gray coats can be seen in some parts of the world. These Beagles are mixed breeds and are not accepted by breed standards. However, many people find their unique coat color to be particularly attractive.

Tan Beagles

Tan brown Beagles have tan or copper brown coats with white markings. These Beagles are often confused with chocolate or red Beagles, but they are pretty different. Some of the tan Beagles have tan markings that are lighter than their black counterparts.

Merle Beagles

This type of Beagle has a unique coat that is the result of breeding for a pocket Beagle. This coat color is a combination of gray, blue, and black. Merle Beagles have unique colored eyes as well. While it might look attractive, this type of coat is often unhealthy and is not accepted by breed standards.

Which color is best for Beagle?

When it comes to Beagle coat colors, there is no one “best” color. Each color offers its own unique traits and personalities, and it’s up to the owner to decide which color best suits their lifestyle. However, some colors are more popular with breeders, such as the classic black, tan, and white combination.

How do I choose a Beagle puppy?

Adopting pets is a challenge. Be sure to research breeders that have a good reputation and make sure your pup meets all the necessary requirements for registration. You’ll also want to consider the coat color and markings of puppies, as this will tell you whether or not they are purebred Beagle.

When choosing a Beagle puppy, be sure to consider its overall health and temperament. A good breeder will provide you with all the information and records you need to make the best choice for your family.

Beagles come in a variety of colors and patterns that make them unique and exciting. From the breed standard colors to the rare, non-standard coats and patterns, Beagles offer something for everyone’s taste. No matter which color you choose, the Beagle’s personality and loyalty will remain the same.

This guide offers an overview of the different Beagle colors and markings, as well as the organizations that recognize Beagle colors and patterns. With this knowledge, you can make an informed decision about which Beagle color will best suit your lifestyle.

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