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How to Maintain Your Lawn During Summer

Summers in Utah can be extremely hot, making it challenging to maintain a green and weed-free lawn. The extreme heat of summer can leave your lawn dry, lifeless, or unruly. Maintaining a lawn during extreme seasons is challenging, but with the right tricks and help, you can maintain a healthy lawn despite the heat. Keep reading to find out how to have a lovely lawn all year round.

1. Make the watering deep and infrequent.

Watering in summer is best done in the morning between 6 AM and 10 AM to reduce evaporation. When you water in summer, make sure to do it deeply and infrequently. Shallow, frequent watering can encourage grass to grow short roots, causing it to stress out during droughts. What you want is to water infrequently so that you can train it to develop deep roots that can survive even the hottest climate. Generally, an inch of water a week is good enough to keep your lawn healthy in hot weather. Another tip when watering in summer: never leave water in your hose because this will warm up, and watering with warm water will scold the blades. If you leave some water in your hose, completely flush it before watering your lawn.

2. Select the right feed for summer.

Feeding your lawn is also crucial to keep it healthy despite the heat. A lawn depletes the nutrients in the soil faster than other plants because when you cut it, you’re also taking away each blade’s personal store of nutrients. Many fertilizers specify a particular season or time of year to use them, so be sure to double-check them. If you’re finding it tedious to fertilize your spacious lawn, what you can do is to use a fertilizer spray formula. It will let you dilute your fertilizer with water straight from your hose.

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3. Don’t mow too short.

Another crucial aspect of landscape maintenance in Sandy, Utah during summer is mowing at the right height. Mowing too short can dry out your grass too quickly, so it’s better to raise the cutting height of your lawnmower. Doing so will also keep the roots better protected by the longer blades. It will also encourage the growth of longer roots that can reach down for moisture even on dry, hot days. It’s recommended to mow every two to three weeks during summer, but this can change depending on the frequency of rain.

4. Remove weeds often.

Weeds are persistent even in hot seasons. It’s better to control weeds often and early than spray the whole lawn with weed killer that can potentially have harmful chemicals. You can pull them out manually or use specialized weeding tools to make it easier. If there are too many weeds that removing them manually is impossible, you can try spraying weed killer on the affected area, one area of the lawn each day.

Maintaining a lawn in summer take different sets of techniques and routine. When done right, they can leave your lawn looking crisp, lively, and green throughout summer.

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