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Keeping Your Pets Healthy and Safe During the Pandemic

When the pandemic started, people were not sure if the virus affected animals. Initial findings showed that the virus first appeared in Wuhan, China. It was also limited to human-to-human transmission. The outbreak quickly spread until it affected the entire globe.

While the risk of animals spreading the disease is low, some animals can get the virus from humans, particularly their caretakers. These animals included pet cats and dogs, several big cats in zoos, and wild deer in different states in the US.

Therefore, pet owners should make sure they take care of their pets so that they will not catch the virus. Here are some tips that pet owners can follow to keep their pets healthy and safe during the pandemic,

Get Accurate Information About the Virus

One thing that pet owners should do is to get accurate information about the virus. They should get the information from reliable sources, such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO). They should avoid watching conspiracy videos on video-sharing sites that do not provide accurate information about the virus.

While there were instances that animals got infected by the virus, information about the type of animals susceptible to the disease is still scarce. Despite this, it’s still advisable to get updated through trustworthy sources. They should read scientific journals rather than posts on different social media platforms.

Social media posts are likely not authentic unless reliable organisations posted the information. Aside from the CDC and WHO, pet owners can also check American Veterinary Medical Association for information about how they can keep their pets healthy and safe during the pandemic.


Have Enough Supplies

When the authorities issued the shelter in place directives, people started to stock supplies at home. Many pet owners stocked up on food for their families and pets. They also made sure they stocked up on other essentials, such as medication and litter for the cat.

As a pet owner, you should make sure to have enough supplies for your pet. With the current surge, you may want to avoid going out too often to avoid getting infected. Even if you got inoculated, you could still carry the virus with you without exhibiting the symptoms. So, you should aim to get enough supplies to last around 30 days for you and your pet.

Observe Proper Nutrition and Hydration

When you stock up on pet food, you should make sure your pets get the proper nutrients. You should also make sure to feed them at the correct time and give them clean water all the time. You may need to give them a special diet based on their breed, age, and weight.

Staying in touch with a veterinarian also allows you to stay on top of your pets’ health. With the increasing popularity of videoconferencing software, it’ll be easy for you to consult a veterinarian whenever necessary.

Additionally, you should make sure you follow the vaccination and deworming schedule of your pets. You shouldn’t miss these schedules since they can help keep your pets healthy and enhance their immune system. It also protects them from any diseases that may come their way.

Look After Their Mental Health

Even as you take care of your mental health during the pandemic, you should also look after the mental health of your pets. While you may not want to visit the park with the emergence of the more transmissible variants of the virus, you can opt to let them exercise around the neighbourhood. You can take them for a walk and play catch with them in an open field close to your home.

You can also set up a small area in the yard where your pet can exercise. This is particularly useful if you do not want to go to the park and there’s no open field nearby. You can get in touch with a reliable landscape designer and let them work on the yard for you. You can give suggestions on the design since you know your pet’s temperament.

Consult the Vet

Staying in touch with the veterinarian is also important so you can take care of your pet. The pandemic may have upended many people’s lives, but it also resulted in the development of technology that facilitates communication. You can consult the vet even if you do not visit the clinic using videoconferencing software. Delivery services also stepped up, so you will have no problems getting the necessary medicines for your pet whenever necessary.

Even as the world continues to struggle against the virus, pet owners should continue to take steps to ensure their pets remain healthy and safe until everything goes back to normal.

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