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Proper Pet Care You Should Explore amid COVID-19

Humans are not the only ones affected by the pandemic. Knowing that staying at home is the best preventative for you to stay safe from the virus, your pets are also a hundred folds safer indoors. Over the course of the year, some animals, like cats, dogs, and tigers, have tested positive for the coronavirus. That makes it possible for a human-to-animal transmission, especially after being in close contact with infected individuals.

Just like how you take care of yourself during this period, the same safety measures should also be applied to your four-legged companion. Aside from limiting your outdoor walks and maintaining proper distancing, here are some tips to keep your furry companion safe.

Build Immunity Through Healthy Food

It is a known fact that your immunity is the first layer of protection against the virus; the same goes for pets. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell what your pets need, making it difficult to provide them with the right care. With time, you will eventually get to know your pets better by being familiar with their actions. However, there will still be moments when you will be rendered utterly clueless.

Pets can be picky eaters; some can be difficult to feed especially if the food served does not suit their palette. This thing can’t be overlooked because to build strong immunity, they first need to be well-fed. You need not look far for solutions since your pets can have similar habits as you. To make feeding time easier, setting a schedule for mealtime will help them build a routine that they can easily remember and be familiar with.

You can also encourage them to eat by giving them their own personal space. Pets can feel anxious, so by giving them privacy during mealtime, they’ll feel at ease and eventually gobble up their food. For cats, fish and whole grains, like corn and oats, will give them the amount of protein and omega-3 fatty acids they need, while a healthy menu for your dog may include vitamin-enriched food, like bone broth, eggs, and organ meat.

Vaccinate Your Pets

Animals are also vulnerable to bacterial and viral diseases, which is reason enough to get your pets the vaccines they need. Your pets are naturally curious beings; they like to sniff and lick things, especially during your outdoor walks. Sniffing the ground and even giving questionable things a taste is how they familiarize themselves with new environments and get information on the other animals grazing the area.

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Given their innate habit of sniffing, sometimes, it can’t be helped that they inhale some germs along the way. In the worst-case scenario, the bacteria can be disease-causing organisms that can lead to parvovirus infection, distemper, respiratory tract infection, rabies virus, and other dangerous diseases. Some of these diseases are extremely life-threatening and can cause irreversible effects.

To keep your pets healthy, safeguarding them with vaccinations periodically will give them the layer of protection they need. Vaccinating your pets can keep your savings protected, as well, since getting their shots is significantly cheaper than hospital bills.

Let Them Roam in Clean Surroundings

Since viruses and bacteria are organisms that are not seen by the naked eye, the things you can do are limited to keeping your premises clean and reducing your pets’ outdoor explorations. Since you can’t really prevent your pets from going outdoors, taking extra measures to make sure that they will be clean when they come home is how you can ensure that they are not bringing home germs and bacteria.

By cleaning their paws and snout and giving them regular baths at home and not at the groomers, you’re already reducing their chances of being infected by any virus. Through maintaining social distancing and reducing the distance of their walks, you can still provide them with the exercise they need while keeping bacteria at bay. With your pets having to spend most of their time at home now, keeping your surfaces clean, as well as ridding your home of bugs, will help give them continuous protection even at home.

If your pets like to spend time in your backyard where pests, like centipedes, ants, and other bugs that can be detrimental to their health thrive, you can opt to call a pest control service, so your furry friends can still roam around the safety of your garden.

Pets are official family members of most households, making taking care of them an important responsibility. Though they might be hard to understand at times, by doing your research, giving them proper care through vaccinations, and taking the time to understand their habits and actions, you will be able to tell and eventually provide them with the things they need.

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