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Worker cutting the fallen tree

How Much Should You Spend On Tree Removal Services For Your Garden?

It costs an average of $651 in the U.S. to hire a professional for removing a tree in your garden, but most homeowners should expect to spend as low as $75 or even up to $1,500. Several factors affect the actual price such as your location.

If you live in Utah, the price of removal will vary from other services such as provided by a tree trimmer. In Utah County, rates may also be different compared to similar contractors in Salt Lake City. When choosing a service provider, be sure to ask around for at least three quotes from different companies.

Price Factors

You may need to consult an arborist before planning to remove a tree, especially those that show signs of poor condition. An arborist specializes in tree health and care. It might be dangerous to remove a slanted tree, and this only means that a professional will be necessary. It’s safe to assume that the complexity of the job will affect the overall cost.

Large dead trees are also a safety risk especially if you live in an urban area. You could be liable for neglect if a tree in your yard suddenly falls and causes injury to a person or property. Trees that are planted in open spaces are easier to remove and therefore, incur lower expenses. On the other hand, a tree that is located near power lines or too close to your home will increase the service rate by up to 50%.

Trees Plants And Size

Worker trimming a treeWhen it comes to estimating your budget, size does matter. A small tree that stands 30 feet may cost at least $125 on average for removal, while a mid-sized one costs $175 on average. Medium trees may grow up to 60 feet.

Large trees that stand between 60 and 80 feet, and these are the most expensive among the three. The average price for removal ranges between $400 and $1,000. Trees that grow up to 100 feet may cost you around $962. The type of trees will also be a factor. As an example, removing oak tree are generally more expensive than cutting down a palm tree.

Tree Replacement Tips

Those who plan to plan a new tree in the pace of the old should be aware of the nuances about picking the right time for planting trees. You should try to plant during cool and cloud days. Residents in warmer areas can plant seedlings anytime except during the summer months.

Another issue involves the right way to determine the depth of trees. You should not plant it too deeply, since it could hamper a tree’s oxygen intake. Frequent watering of plants is also not advisable. Depending on the climate your area, homeowners should water trees them at least every week.


You should ask for multiple quotes from different professionals before you decide to hire someone. Ideally, three quotations could already help you to choose the best rates. How much are you willing to spend on tree removal services?

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