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Pet Industry Trends amid the Pandemic: What Pet Owners Must Consider

There’s no denying how people treat their pets as furry members of the family. Every individual and family takes good care of their pets, whether cats or dogs. They provide them with good foods, proper grooming, and even training. They bathe and feed them, walk them in parks, and even play with them at home.

As much as the pandemic has disrupted people’s lives, it has also affected the animals. As such, pet owners must take care of their furry family members during this unprecedented time. Fret not, as pets can be good for the family’s overall health and well-being. In fact, National Geographic reported that pets help people cope with the pandemic.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the trends in the pet industry during this pandemic.

1. Pet Adoptions and Purchases

Pet ownership has become all the more apparent during this pandemic. In fact, pet adoptions and purchases have soared amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Why? Individuals and families in home isolation need furry members to keep them company and ease their loneliness. Pet care also allows them to become physically active and get emotional support. Just the mere presence of pets can make individuals and families happy!

2. Mobile Pet Grooming

In recent years, mobile pet grooming has gradually become popular. The idea is to hire a professional pet grooming service at home. However, this service has become more in demand during this global crisis. Why? It comes with a handful of benefits. It reduces the stress of pets and provides families with the utmost convenience.

3. Home Pet Training Services

Some individuals and families consider hiring pet training services. The goal is to domesticate their furry members as much as possible. In fact, it’s best to get kitten or puppy training as young as they are. But during this pandemic, it’s a good idea to hire pet training services at home. You can get a pet expert to visit your house and handle your furry family members.

4. Vet Telehealth Services

It’s not only humans who are vulnerable during this pandemic. Even furry members of the family can also be affected. The possibility for animals to transmit the novel coronavirus to humans is relatively low. However, people can get their pets infected with the COVID-19 virus through close contact. For this reason, vet telehealth services have become plausible amid the crisis. If your pets show some unlikely symptoms, get such service and rush them to the pet clinic if necessary.

5. Pet Insurance

As people treat their pets as furry family members, they get insurance. The pet insurance sector has gradually been growing in recent years. Why? Aside from people considering pets as family members, pets living longer need medical care, which can be costly. Pet insurance comes in to cover the cost of medical care. Hence, getting insurance is a practical decision for your furry family members.

6. Pet-Friendly Travel

Pet-friendly travel is another emerging trend in recent years, especially during this pandemic. Families want these furry members to be with them on vacations. It’s good that many travel businesses have pets in mind when offering their services. Airbnbs, resorts, hotels, and other hospitality venues allow individuals and families to bring their pets. They even provide amenities exclusively for these animals. So when traveling, be sure to check pet-friendly travel sites.

7. Evolving Pet Foods and Products

Of course, one cannot continue without mentioning pet foods and supplies. You’ve seen new and emerging trends in the pet food sector in recent years, especially during this pandemic, including the following:

  • Pet Supplements: There have been trending pet supplements that individuals and families buy for their furry family members. Some examples are dog vitamins, cat fish oil, and dog probiotics.
  • Healthy Pet Foods: Many individuals patronize healthy pet products such as raw foods (raw meat, fish, and bones), ancient grains (millet, amaranth, and quinoa), and limited-ingredient diets for pet health.
  • Natural Pet Products: Pet owners now consider natural pet products that will help save the environment. These include cat and dog food, grooming products, and even toys.

There’s no denying how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the pet industry. However, there are new and emerging trends in the industry, from pet adoptions and purchases to vet telehealth services down to evolving pet foods. As a pet owner and a business owner, it’s crucial to understand and keep up with the trends in the pet industry. Ultimately, take care of your pets so as they take care of your family too.

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