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4 Features That Can Transform Your Garden from Drab to Fab

Is your garden looking tired and old? Give it a new look with fresh new flowers and herbs. Here are some gardening ideas and accessories that you can use for your garden makeover project and the four important things to include in your list.

New Plants

Add new color and life to your garden by adding new plants in the mix and keep them fertilized with the use of garden compost in Utah. Annuals, perennials, and biennials behave differently. Depending on your location, the weather dictates the growing season, which the plants follow, resulting in different growth rates and patterns. But, these plants are good to have because they leave new seeds when they reach the final stage of their life cycle. These seeds bridge the gap to the next generation of plants, so you can be sure to have the same ones through the seasons.

To liven up the color mix, add leafy plants with big, textured leaves. Vines and fragrant flowers also improve the look of your garden, giving it a delicate and sophisticated appeal. If you don’t have a fruit tree but you have space for one, it makes a great addition to your garden.


Who says pots have to be boring? If you have different zones in your garden, highlight each area by putting the plants in pots that suit the plant type. You can plant colorful flowers in a plant box and herbs in smaller pots. If you’re planning to set up one, putting them in small pots will allow you to place them in a more accessible area. Attach labels with names and watering schedules to make maintenance easy.

Another benefit of using pots for your plants is it’s easier to move and relocate them during the winter. You can easily put the potted plants in a garden trolley and move them to a seasonal shed without worrying about damaging the roots or any part of the plants.



Add a touch of elegance by using planters in the garden. Planters come in modern, traditional, and vintage designs that can easily create a polished, themed look for your garden.

If you have seasonal plants that are too big for pots, you can put them in planters so you can move them to a temporary protected space when it’s not their season. This helps keep them thriving and ready for when they’re in season again. This way, you can keep the same plants for a long time while also having them standing in beautiful, elegant containers that are decorative and purposeful at the same time.

Decorative Materials

Last but not least, beautify your garden by using practical decorative gardening items like lighting, water features, and river rocks. Water features can easily add an elegant look to the garden and can spruce up the pool area. A waterfall type, a pond or a fountain are some of the popular water feature designs homeowners go for. These are usually set up with lights that further increase the visual impact and beauty of this design. Some designs incorporate a patch of river rocks where the water drains, adding a more natural look to it.

When all these four gardening items are brought together to decorate a space, the result is a stunning garden that’s full of life, vibrancy, and lots of plant life with practical benefits. If you’re planning re-style your garden, include these four items in your list, and we promise you, you’re going to love the results.

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