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Why Businesses Should Invest in a Back-Up Generator

Companies located in areas often hit by natural disasters such as storms and hurricanes may experience power fluctuations or even blackouts. Power interruptions can significantly affect the production or revenue of a business, regardless if it is a small start-up or a multi-national company. These occurrences may appear with or without warning and can leave machines and equipment inoperable.

Purchasing and installing a back-up power system is crucial to keep businesses up and running when power outage occurs. Standby generators will automatically activate in the event of a power failure and shut off once main power is restored to the facility. Experts at Quality Electric Sales and Service Limited agree that power generators provide businesses a reliable back-up plan when power sources are insufficient or unavailable. And, that part of having a generator entails that businesses should ensure that their generators are properly maintained and inspected regularly.

Below are the advantages of standby generators to businesses:

Business Continuity

Businesses rely on constant power supply. When power goes out, every part of the business comes to a halt. Power outages not only cause businesses to experience downtime in operations and lose production time, but they also affect revenue streams.

Power generators are like insurance. A company may never know when they need to use the generator, but it is there to keep the company running when it is necessary.

Power generators offer the stability that allows the company to provide reliable services to customers. Generators supply constant power source to servers and computers, keeping electronic data protected and preventing data loss. Communication will not be hampered so employees can still make calls, send emails, and use the internet to continue working.

Product Protection

Medical facilities, restaurants, grocery stores, and other vendors of perishable goods need to keep their products and supplies under certain temperature levels to ensure integrity and quality. If a company’s temperature control systems are connected to power generators, they will be able to rest easy that their products won’t suffer even when the main power source is unavailable.

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Safety and Comfort

Blackouts not only affect the electrical aspects of a business. Safety equipment and critical systems such as emergency lighting and security alarms will continue to function in the middle of a power outage if a business has a back-up generator installed.

For companies located in hot and humid areas or extremely cold regions, heating and cooling systems play an important role in the employees’ comfort and productivity. Generators will ensure that HVAC systems will continue to run and make the interior of the building a safe and comfortable environment no matter what the situation is.

Temporary Power Supply

Power generators also serve as a temporary source of power for areas where no main power is connected yet, such as:

  • Buildings under construction
  • Outdoor concerts and events
  • Outdoor catering facilities
  • Camping areas in remote locations
  • Football stadiums

In summary, standby generators are a vital part of a business’ emergency plan, providing the business with a reliable and consistent source of electricity. Generators enable businesses to prepare for the unexpected and keep businesses running smoothly during a power outage.

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