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Design Ideas that Make Your Small Yard Look Spacious

Typically, a residential lot is usually planned to allow more living space for the house before setting allowances for gardens and front lawns. For smaller lots, nature lovers may be discouraged by the limited space reserved for their plants and outdoor décor. However, a truly wise homemaker knows the importance of the presence of greenery inside their property and should put effort into maximizing all possible areas. That being said, here are creative pointers to make a small yard look larger than perceived:

Color Your World

Don’t forget that there are numerous plants that offer a great variety of colors and values. Utilizing these multiple options to create color contrasts and depth perception can give your yard the illusion of added space. Concentrate on enlivening your corners and borders by creating two to three levels of plant rows. You can even use different flowering plants, bushes, or shrubs with varied greenish hues. Deliberate placement is the key, so ask for advice from garden centers and nurseries in Minnesota for the best choices.

Break the Redundancy

A traditional flat lawn may look neat and immaculate, but why stick to something so boring? Add trails and pathways to break the line of sight and add volume and elegance to your yard. Winding patterns with stones or tiles can also be further improved by planting flowering shrubs or bushes along specific pathways. Most importantly, breaking the continuous green view of your lawn with intricate walkways can also encourage your family members to explore your gardens more. What better way to improve your loved ones’ health and view of the garden than allowing them to enjoy the greenery and sunshine?

Add the Center of Attraction

Once the pathways are in place, add aesthetic points of interest to your lawn’s designs to catch guests’ and spectators’ attention. This redirects them from focusing on the smaller spaces in your garden. Compact water fountains or mid-sized statues are perfect centerpieces as long as they complement your yard’s overall theme. By adding these decorative fixtures, you can set up other additions, such as a small coffee table and space-saving chairs, to complete the relaxing ambiance of your garden. The more relaxing your yard is, the more it seems spacious to most.

a yard with a fence

Think Upward

While you’re worried about the horizontal limits of your lawn or backyard, there’s so much space for you to design vertically. A well-known strategy is to install woodwork that can support crawling vines and hanging plants. You can then plant vegetables and fruits that produce elongated crops such as eggplants, squash, and even grapes. Using leveled planters can also draw attention upwards, along with placing plant-holders up any wall that runs parallel to your garden. Small palm trees are also perfect for compact yards since their narrow trunks won’t take up much space even when they grow taller and their leaves thicker.

The space of your lot is limited only by your imagination. The possibilities of reinventing your yard are endless. In any case, an organized garden appears bigger because it gives off the impression that there is more space and less clutter. You can start by finding the right plants and décor. Take the time to set everything up on your own or with expert help. Just remember that expansion isn’t always about getting more space but making the most of what you already have.

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