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Are You Still Using Glass for Your Greenhouse?

When people think of greenhouses, they think of glass. However, among actual greenhouse owners, glass has been losing its popularity. Newer and better materials are continually being made, and some of these materials outperform glass in many aspects. One of these materials is polycarbonate, a modern material that’s perfect for any greenhouse.

It Protects Your Plants

Untreated glass does not protect from harmful UV rays. Though plants produce their own sun protection, sometimes, it isn’t enough. Twin wall polycarbonate sheets prevent these UV rays from affecting your plants, as well as any structures within, while still allowing optimal sunlight exposure. Polycarbonate sheets also provide outstanding insulation, protecting your plants form both extreme heat and extreme cold.

It Is Cheaper and Sturdier

Traditional glass is more expensive and more fragile than its polycarbonate counterparts. Polycarbonate sheets are quite flexible and exhibit exceptional tensile strength. They will not shatter, and they can take quite a beating. Thrown rocks or unforeseen accidents are unlikely to damage these sheets to the point of needing repair. Maintenance costs are practically zero as you won’t be replacing panels as you would glass greenhouses.

It is Easy to Install and Repair

Greenhouse complex

Polycarbonate sheets are lighter than glass, making installation and repair easier. These sheets can be cut to any size or shape that you need without the need for special tools or skills. Replacing glass will require heading to the manufacturer or a glassmaker, but replacing polycarbonate sheets can be done with a simple box cutter. The sturdiness of polycarbonate sheets also accounts for faster installation and repair. You do not need to be too careful when working with polycarbonates as minor slips and bumps will not damage them as they would glass.

It Optimises Sunlight Distribution

Polycarbonate sheets diffuse sunlight, spreading it evenly amongst your plants and crops regardless of their location. You won’t need to shuffle plants about to avoid shadows or even raise some plants that require more sunlight. Adequate sunlight is especially crucial in the early stages of plant growth, and using polycarbonates ensures that every plant in your greenhouse receives the same amount of light. If you desire more consistent plant growth and uniform crops, polycarbonate sheets are your best option.

It Is Safer for Kids

If you have kids around the house, anything that involves glass becomes a hazard. Kids can sometimes be uncontrollable, and their urge to run around and be rambunctious can lead to accidents and mishaps. A glass structure in the yard can become a dangerous hazard once children begin playing. Using polycarbonate sheets instead of glass for your greenhouse is a lot safer for your kids and greenhouse. Polycarbonate sheets won’t shatter, and they have a softer surface than glass, ensuring that your kids won’t get injured even if they run into it.

Traditional glass in greenhouses have outlived its era. Glass is expensive, fragile, and difficult to use. Polycarbonates are more affordable, more efficient, and safer—clear reasons why more greenhouse owners are ditching traditional glass and opting for new polycarbonate sheets.

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