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These May be Comprising the Cleanliness of Your Home

You worked hard to get the home of your dreams. It has been an expensive ordeal, during which you may have lived with a very tight budget just to afford mortgage payments. With all the sacrifice you put into it, you’ll want to keep your Utah home in good condition.

That means keeping it clean and ensuring that it remains a safe place for the family. Check that these are not contributing to dirt and disorder in your household:


There is no denying that pets are fun to have around. Their mere presence could help alleviate one’s anxiety and loneliness. They add life to an empty house, making them a suitable companion for both families and solo residents. However, it’s hard to control what your pet does, especially if you have a dog that is free to go outside. They may roam around and carry pests that take refuge in your home. They may even wreak havoc indoors, chewing on furniture and shoes. To keep your house and your pet without compromising, consider dog training and take them to a vet regularly for shots and inspection for fleas and ticks.


When you chose your house, you specifically looked for one with ample storage. You thought it would be better to have more, than to worry about not finding space for your purchases. As you fill the house with various items, however, some storage spaces became harder to access. You might have stored items you don’t use anymore, so you think there’s no need to revisit the space. That’s just what pests are hoping you’d do. Without inspecting and cleaning cabinets, drawers, and bins regularly, you’re leaving pests undisturbed and even undiscovered. It’s like you gave them permission to co-inhabit your home. The solution is simple: spring clean and get rid of things you don’t need anymore. Use storage wisely and don’t forget that they need cleaning too.

Air Conditioning Unit

Air conditioning unit attached on a white wallEver wondered why it’s so easy to transmit common colds within the family? When you live together, you’re touching the same items and breathing the same air. You can disinfect surfaces, particularly doorknobs, to kill germs and prevent the spread of sickness that way, but don’t stop there. Dirty air filters circulate poor air quality around the house and help spread bacteria everywhere. Keep your air conditioning unit functioning well by replacing filters regularly. This also helps the appliance function efficiently, which means you get to save on energy costs.


No one in the family may be sick, and pets may have already been trained, but you’re not entirely safe just yet. The people you invite into the house may carry bacteria as well. Of course, it would be rude to tell them to wash their hands or to keep to just one area of the house. Avoiding visitors altogether is not the best answer either. To keep the house clean even with more people coming and going, have the carpet cleaned thoroughly every once in a while. Use natural disinfectants regularly so that traces of bacteria will not survive. Clean rugs and offer indoor slippers to guests so they can keep their dirty shoes outside.

There are several ways dirt and bacteria can infiltrate your house. Keep your family safe from all of them.

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