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Keeping Your Pets Safe: Hazards Around The House

Pets are a lovable bunch and can provide you with hours of love and affection. As their owner, it is your responsibility to take care of them. While many focus on feeding them and keeping them comfortable, pet owners should also be aware of the many potential dangers that could harm their pets. Here is a list of what pet hazards there can be in your home and what you can do about them.

Physical Dangers

Pets are like children. They will get into various dangerous situations because of their curiosity. One potential threat to their safety in high places. Similar to how you don’t want to see children at the top of stairs or near balconies, pets are also in danger from them. A major fall can be fatal for them, even though cats can sometimes avoid damage with their natural flexibility and dexterity. If you want to prevent them from falling from these spots, then you should put a mini-fence around the area, so they don’t get into them.

Additionally, pets can get into trouble by squeezing into tiny spaces. A lot of them hurt themselves because they want to burrow into some areas and get stuck. A big favorite is underneath decks and crawlspaces. You’ll have to install mesh screens to prevent your pets from getting into them and probably getting stuck.

Dangerous Trees And Plants


There are a lot of potential dangers to your pets when it comes to trees and plants. Pets will chew on anything, and they will gladly bite down on leaves and branches. Inside the house, several houseplants can be very poisonous. Many of them can cause kidney and heart failure among pets. Always check on the plants you are bringing into your home on what effect they have on your pets. For example, tulips can cause intestinal problems for various pet species and can even be fatal for pets to ingest.

As for the outdoors, some trees are just as dangerous. For example, the mimosa tree looks nice, but the pods that they release can cause muscle spasms in your pets. Look at your yard and review what is there. If a tree is dangerous, then you should get a tree removal estimate and plan for it to be replaced.

Hazardous Chemicals

Once again, the curiosity of your pets will put them in danger. While they are roaming around your house, they might come into contact with a variety of chemicals. For example, if you have harsh cleaning chemicals, then the remains on the various surfaces of your home may put your pet in danger. The trouble is that some of these chemicals smell and taste great for them. Two examples are antifreeze and windscreen washer. The mix in these chemicals attracts pets and tempts them to drink from the bottles. If possible, you should keep these on high shelves and have them properly secured.

Choking Hazards

Similar to children, pets also like to swallow things. This means that if your house has a lot of potential choking hazards, then they will end up choking on it. The simplest way to avoid this problem is to keep all the small objects that they can potentially choke on away from them. Clean up the clutter in your home as often as possible and have secure storage for items like small toys. Additionally, take note of string, rubber bands, and floss. While they may not choke on these, your pet will end up with intestinal blockages if they swallow them.

Food That They Shouldn’t Eat

It is always tempting to feed your pet. They look up and want a bit of what you are having, so you end up giving a piece. However, you should be very aware of what your pets can digest properly. For example, many people know that dogs shouldn’t eat chocolate. But not many people know that onions are also bad for them. Always review what potential food hazards there are for your pet and ensure that they are kept away from them. If they do consume these foods, you should know how to treat them for poisoning so that they can be taken to the vet quickly.

Ensuring that your pet is safe is worth the extra effort. It can be surprising how many threats there are around your house to pets. With the right approach, you can be sure that your pets will live a long and happy life with you. Keep them well-fed and take care of them right so that they can return your love and affection.

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