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Five Unusual (But Cool!) Party Venues to Try

“What’s the first thing you will do once you’re out of quarantine?” is a question making the rounds on social media. Some say that they simply want to meet up with family and friends they haven’t seen, while others say that just to be able to go to the store unencumbered is already a good thing.

However, for other people, quarantine stalled their plans to celebrate special occasions. So why not be bold now that you can celebrate again? Here are five unusual party venues you could use to impress your friends and family:

On the Water

Party boats have become popular even before the pandemic hit. They’re great, as they are mobile and can ferry you from one place to another away from the hustle and bustle of the city. They’re also good because they can be versatile; you can hold a small, intimate gathering or a large, boisterous one.

Got engaged during the pandemic? Why not have your wedding on a boat? Yachts are great for luxurious weddings, but don’t discount small boats as well. Flattish pontoon boats are perfect since you could fit a small crowd without worrying about them tipping over. The tubers surrounding the boat ensures that they won’t easily capsize.

On the Road

By now, you must be familiar with the so-called party buses. Some might have unsavory reputations, but generally, these buses are a great venue for bridal showers or engagement parties. Depending on how you style your bus, this can be fun and loud or elegant and classy.

The party bus is also a great way to go bar hopping (assuming all bars are already open in your area). You can have fun on the bus and support your local bars and restaurants at the same time.

No Parking: Party in Progress

What’s the first thing you need when you’re planning to throw a party? Space. You need space. You can go the usual route and book a function room at a hotel, or you can be unique and have your party in a parking lot or parking garage.

These spaces are perfect for corporate parties. Once your workers are back in the office, we’re sure that you’d want to throw them a party to welcome them back. Doing it this way shows that you put some thought into the planning of these parties, and your employees would appreciate you more.


Spook Them out at Abandoned Churches

Die-hard Halloween fans will make sure that this holiday is not canceled this year. But instead of going house to house to enjoy a Halloween party, why not pool some money together with your friends and rent out an abandoned church?

There are many of these across the country. You wouldn’t have to do too much in terms of décor, as most of these spaces are already spooky enough. Some dim lights, a few strategically places fake cobwebs here and there, a good DJ, and you should be ready. Just don’t forget your costumes!

Throw a Party for Your Kids’ Classmates

After months of being in quarantine, your kids are probably more than ready to have fun with their friends. If you’re celebrating a birthday, try throwing a party for your kid at their school. You can easily coordinate with your kid’s teacher and see how feasible this could be.

Talk to other parents as well. Get their input on how to make your party a success. Additionally, make sure that you discuss any food allergies their own children might have so that you can plan the menu accordingly.

Quarantine might have separated us from friends and family, but this pandemic will also pass. Once we’ve gotten to a point where we can safely return to normal, don’t just settle for another ordinary party. Be bold and be creative. Pick any one of these venues, and we’re sure that you’ll have a memorable event.

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