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How to Take Care of a Pet Dog

Many people around the world want to have a pet. But only a few are willing to take on the responsibility. Sure, it sounds nice to play with and walk your dog in the park. They’re very good companions; that’s why they were hailed as “man’s best friend.” But caring for and maintaining a dog goes way beyond that. You need to bathe, feed, and pamper them now and then so they can stay healthy.

Although it’s a huge responsibility, having a dog as a pet is worth it. If you’re thinking about adopting or buying a dog of your own, here are tips on how to care for them.

Feed them at the right time

Dogs, just like humans, need to be fed at certain times of the day. However, unlike us, where we know when we’re feeling hungry, we can’t tell the same with our pets. But ideally, dogs should be fed from 2-4 times a day, depending on their age.

Puppies that are eight to twelve weeks old should be fed four times a day. For those three to six months old, feed them three meals a day. Two meals a day is enough for dogs ages six months to 1 year. And those who are older than one year are to be fed one meal a day.

Proper dog food should be used, as these contain the essential vitamins and minerals they need to maintain their optimal health. Though tempting, avoid feeding them human food as it can cause nutrient imbalance. Remember to always have a serving of clean drinking water ready for them. Staying hydrated will help keep dogs in their healthy energy levels.

Exercise daily

Some dogs are more active than others. Some don’t like going on long walks and would rather sit around than play. But all of them need to have daily physical activities to stay healthy. Like humans, dogs need to burn calories too.

Daily playtime or walks in the park will give your pet the exercise they need. This will help them stimulate their minds and improve their behaviors. Take into consideration your pet’s breed, age, and size to help you come up with physical activities to undertake.

Groom them every once in a while

Different breeds of dogs would require different grooming efforts. Although dogs usually don’t need to be bathed several times in a year, it’s still ideal to keep their hygiene in check. Frequently brush their fur to help get rid of uncomfortable tangles and dirt. Inspect your dog for fleas and ticks daily, especially during warm and humid weather.

Visit the vet occasionally

dog in the veterinary clinic

Even if you’ve been a dog owner for quite some time now, there’s still no better person to check up on your pet than the veterinarian. Display your veterinary postcards in easy-to-spot places, so you can keep tabs on your dog’s checkup schedules. Timely visits to the vet will help uncover and prevent any health hazards or issues your dog might have.

Also, be wary of giving your dog medications that are not prescribed by the vet. Don’t rely on the information you find on the Internet when it comes to medical treatment for your dog. Visit your vet to be sure that what you’re giving is the right treatment.

Having a pet is more than just fun and games. It’s a huge responsibility that not everyone is willing to undertake. If you want a dog and you’re ready for the responsibility, take these tips to help.

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