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Indoor Gardener: the Fruits and Vegetabls You Can Grow Inside Your Apartment

Gardening is a hobby that increasingly is becoming popular among young people. However, those who live in the cities have a disadvantage: many do not have enough space in their backyard or not have a backyard at all to grow their own produce.

Fortunately, there are a number of fruits and vegetables that city-dwellers can plant inside their own apartment. Most of them would still need regular exposure to sunlight, and you have to plan for insect control so that your produce, and your home, will not be infested with pests. When you are ready, here are some fruits and vegetables you can grow in the comforts of your home.


Tomatoes are a staple for many cuisines. You can add them into salads, turn them into a sauce for your pasta, and transform them into soups.

Tomatoes are also surprisingly easy to grow, even for beginners, and they can survive inside your apartment.

Your plant would need at least 10 hours of daylight every day to make sure that it would yield fruits. You also would need to water it regularly so that the fruits do not split. When the flowers have bloomed, tap the stem lightly to induce pollination.


Scallions are probably some of the most common vegetables grown indoors. It is easy to care for: unlike tomatoes, they do not need as much sunlight to thrive. You can leave the plant in your kitchen under partial shade and it will still

Moreover, you do not need to start by planting and germinating seeds. As soon as you have cut off the green part of the scallion, save the root. Leave it in a jar with water. You only have to wait a few weeks to produce a full-grown plant.

You can also transfer your scallion to the soil in a clay pot.


Surprisingly, you can grow carrots just about anywhere and tolerates most conditions. It needs exposure to full sunlight but will also survive in partial shade. You can also grow it in a container which means it, too, can be an indoor plant.

However, you would need a longer container to provide your carrots with room to grow. You may want to grow the smaller variety which is easier to care for and does not need a long time to mature.


person picking herbsIf you love herbs, this is the project for you. You can grow a variety of herbs easily on your windowsill. You will have access to fresh herbs all-year-round.

Herbs still require a lot of sunlight (a minimum of six hours a day) that is why you should keep them near a window. Otherwise, your plant will become leggy. It might also lose its flavor.

It should always be watered regularly. Do not let the soil dry out. However, be careful not to overwater it either. A good rule to follow is if the topsoil is dry, but the lower layer is still damp, that is when you should water the plant.


Avocados have become a staple to breakfast food around the world. If like many millennials, you like to eat your toast with avocados, you probably have a lot of avocado pits in your home. ;

The pit you often discard can be regrown into an avocado plant. Once you remove the pit, wash it under the tap and remove any extra flesh. Place several toothpicks into the pit and suspend it on top of a glass of warm water. The pit should not be completely submerged underwater. Only about an inch of the pit should be touching the water.

Place the pit under bright light and change the water frequently. You will notice that roots and, eventually, stems and leaves will sprout from the pit. Once the roots have filled much of the glass, transfer it into a pot.

Caring for an avocado plant is tougher than growing tomatoes or herbs. You also will not get an avocado fruit in years — if you even get one at all.

Indoor gardening is a fun and rewarding hobby. If you really spend time caring for your plants, they will repay you with clean air and fresh produce.

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