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A Buck for Your Bark: Business Ideas for Animal Lovers

Monetizing something you are passionate about is something most people can only dream of. It is often difficult to start a business centered on a hobby. But it is not impossible. Changing consumer behaviors and technological innovations have made it easier for first-time entrepreneurs to embark on their business ventures.

The pet industry continues to experience significant growth. In the last two years, it was reported that 85 million households have pets. Starting a business that caters to this sector allows you to express your love for animals while at the same time, exercise your entrepreneurial spirit. Although a pet shop is the traditional route, there are other options available.

Here are pet-related business ventures that you might be interested in.

Pet Sitting

Pet sitting is a popular option for people looking to start a business. It has low overhead costs, with most expenses focused on marketing. As a pet sitter, you will provide clients with routine pet care at home. This includes feeding, walking, and cleaning out litter boxes. This type of business is easy to start and grow on your own. Once you have broken even, you can hire employees to accommodate your growing client list.

Pet Daycare

Pet daycare is a place where clients can leave their furbabies for a certain amount of time. Much like other businesses, you have the luxury of operating during regular working hours instead of around-the-clock. However, unlike pet sitting, this option requires more overhead costs. Although most areas allow for small pet daycares in residential properties, larger facilities require a commercial space.

a girl is sitting outside in the grass, lovingly shaking hands with her German Shepherd dog

Pet Training

Pet training is ideal for those who just love to interact with animals. It gives you the opportunity to teach pets how to behave in a domestic setting. Although certification is not a requirement, a license gives you credibility, which you can take advantage of when marketing your services. You are also not required to have your own facility. This business venture gives you the option to conduct lessons in your clients’ homes or in public parks.

Pet Boarding

When pet owners go on a trip, they need a place to keep their furry friends safe and cared for. Often, they choose to house their pets in a boarding house. This business venture is a costly option, though, because you will need your own facility. You also have to outfit it with the appropriate tools and equipment.

A good way to offset this investment is to offer other services. It is common to see a facility offer dog training along with boarding. From Jacksonville, Florida to Los Angeles, California, this start-up is a smart option for someone looking to start a business in the pet industry.

As more people become fur parents, specialized pet care services continue to grow in demand. Starting a business that meets these needs has little risk. It is simply a matter of maintaining a high level of quality in your services. Just treat your clients’ pets like how you treat your own to show that you care for their furbabies.

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